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Watch the mini doco!
"The dream and the Almond Tree


See Justin's latest project in this small doco / interview made by the locals in the village.


Street and wall Art 


"Shaked" "Almond tree"

The wall was huge! 14.7m x 2.5m. It was an absolute joy to conquer!

It happened to be located in the very village I was staying in.

The theme I went for was a local landscape of the nature in Israel. the focal point was a full blossoming almond tree.

All Israelis know that as soon as they see the Almond tree blossom, it is the first thing to bloom right as they enter Spring! It signifies THE NEW SEASON!


Justin Hook


Sun rise 

The Sun rise in Jewish art generally was placed in the east of a painting also speaks of the "Messiah" arising from the "east" to come and enter Jerusalem and save all people bringing eternal peace.

A beautiful sunrise Is also a lovely fresh reminder that everyday is NEW and a GIFT! life is precious and to be enjoyed to the fullest.


Hills and Mountains

The Judean hills and mountains that surround Jerusalem are some of the most robust lush rolling forestry, rich and full of surprises! It was a delight to bring this old grey wall to life with the many layers and colours of what spring displays every year in the Holy Land.

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